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On campus, it seems as though spring has finally sprung. The weather is getting warmer, trees are blossoming with flowers, people are swinging on the newly installed swings on campus, and overall, everyone seems happier! On sunny days like the ones we’ve been having, I always like to listen to happy music to boost my mood even more. Here are a few songs I currently have on repeat:

  1. Honeypie by JAWNY
  2. Goodie Bag by Still Woozy
  3. As It Was by Harry styles 
  4. Cool Cat by Queen 
  5. Hot Rod by Dayglow 
  6. What Once Was by Her’s
  7. Close to You by Dayglow
  8. These Days by Wallows
  9. Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun 
  10. This Must Be The Place by Sure Sure

For more songs like these, listen to the playlist “Feel Good Indie Rock” on Spotify. It’s super fun, upbeat, and like the title promises, the songs on it make you feel good :)  I hope this helps you find new music for spring and summer. Enjoy listening!

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Renee Pascoe

Lafayette '25

freshman chemical engineering at lafayette college :)
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