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Single During the Holidays: The Ups and Downs

There are pros and cons to all situations. So, if you are feeling sorry that you aren’t cuffed, don’t. If you have a SO, or significant other, you might want to dump them after reading this.


PRO: Saving money

That’s right, you don’t have to spend money on someone else. It is also exhausting to shop and worry about someone else. What if it isn’t right? Well, instead, buy a gift, wrap it up, and stow it under the tree to give to yourself. That is definitely stress free.

CON: Relatives

“Why are you still single?” said every pushy relative EVER. And then someone else adds, “Oh why don’t I set you up with…” Thanks, but no thanks annoying relative. There are also no awkward, crazy questions about SO because there isn’t one! (I think I can deal with all of it if it means I’m making money at the same time.)

PRO: Doing what YOU want to do

Okay, so family members may make you compromise but there won’t be any painful passivity of trying to decide what to do with your SO. Especially when it comes to Netflix, you watch your show and movies all cozied up in PJs, facemask on, watching whatever, no breaks.

CON: No Cute gifts

I know that we are saving money by not having a SO, but it’s also nice to be given things. It’s also funny and kinda sweet to see them try when they fail and get something either ugly or just not right.

PRO: No need to impress anyone

You want to grow the hair out on your legs, go for it! When it drops to below freezing, I will gladly keep the hair on my body, by the way it's meant to keep my body warm. You mean I can wear pajamas all day? Oh, heck yes.

CON: Not having a snuggle buddy

Movies are kinda the best when there is secondary warmth involved from someone. Less blankets, just more hugs. So maybe snuggle with your best friend…? Or cat…?

PRO: There is always Mistletoe...

That’s right, just because you don’t have a SO doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time, mingle, and well, you know… get some! You can do whatever you want when there is nothing to tie you down or hold you back.


While I didn’t hit all of them, these are just a few reminders as to why it’s totally awesome to be single during the holidays. Significant others are nice for company, but you can always make company without one. You can invite friends or family to do holiday activities. Better yet, bring no on and have a great time doing your own things without the annoyance of others. Everyone says the holidays are for being “together,” but the only company you need is “me, myself, and I.”




Happy Holidays!

-Her Campus


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