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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lafayette chapter.

With fall quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to soak up the last of the summer sun while also getting your studying done! I really love to sit and work outside when the weather is nice, so I’m sharing some of my favorite outdoor study spots around campus.

RISC patio

All of my friends know that I LOVE the RISC patio! It became my favorite spot during my first year at Lafayette, when I lived right next door in Watson Hall. There are plenty of tables on the patio, and you can secure your spot in the sun or in the shade. The surrounding plants create a great vibe, and there is always reliable WiFi, which is a big plus for me! Finally, the proximity to EcoCafe is perfect, and I enjoy grabbing a smoothie or some lunch before starting my outdoor study sesh.

Pardee patio

This spot is quite underrated, in my opinion. It’s right beside the hustle and bustle of the Quad, but the plant-covered barrier provides some welcome privacy and quiet. There are plenty of tables with umbrellas to choose from, and you’ll be able to get Internet here too! If I have a bit of time before calc, I’ll usually get some work done on the Pardee patio before heading inside for class.

Picnic tables on the Quad

No article about Lafayette’s beautiful campus would be complete without mentioning the Quad! If I’m going to study here, I prefer the picnic tables on either side so I can get some shade and be closer to the path. I can never get WiFi here unfortunately, so I’ll usually just bring along a reading or a problem set to work through. It’s definitely a more social spot, and I enjoy sitting here with friends after a long day of classes!

These are my top three spots for studying outside on campus, but there are so many more! Make sure to check them all out and soak up the last of summer!

Emily Mastroly

Lafayette '25

Emily is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science & Engineering Studies at Lafayette College. She loves reading, being outside, and exploring Easton with friends!