Marquis Players Present Heathers the Musical



Exciting news! In just 2 weeks is opening night of Lafayette’s very own Marquis Players’ production of Heathers the Musical! The Marquis Players are a student run, non-profit theater organization with about 50 current student members, including myself. We have been working long and hard since February to put on this production whose profits will go to charities in downtown Easton.


Official Content Warning: Heathers the Musical contains scenes that some viewers may find upsetting, including depictions of gun violence, school violence, suicide, bullying, and sexual misconduct. The Marquis Players believe that theatre is a vessel for important conversation and we treat these issues with respect and care. Disclaimer: Contains sound effects of gunshots and explosions.


Based off of the 1988 movie, Heathers, Heathers the Musical is a dark comedy with twists and underlying tones of ….  It follows the life events of Veronica Sawyer, who lives in Sherwood, Ohio the year of 1989. She navigates her senior year by climbing the social ladder and joins a group called the Heathers: Heather Mcnamara ~head cheerleader~, Heather Duke !no discernable personality~, and Heather Chandler ~the almighty~. However, when she meets Jason Dean, JD for short, he brings her into his world through their very complicated relationship. In the words of our stage manager Lizzie Gumula, her favorite scene is “Our Love is God,” which concludes and brings together everything seen in act one. Specifically, “it is our first real look into just how crazy JD is, and our actors are portraying it incredibly.”


While Heathers is a comedy with many upbeat numbers and quirky and over-exaggerated characters, it touches upon many issues that are very relevant in our society, such as mental health, suicide, alcohol abuse, violence, and abusive relationships between both friends and partners. The show uses comedy to cope with the harsh realities and the quirks of each character are very overplayed in hopes of not seeming like they are making light of any of these situations.


However, the musical itself is not about shining a light of the issue of suicide, but to portray the escalating intensity of society. Heathers the Musical also portrays the concept of high school hierarchies and various groups, goths to preps and the rest in between. The show “is about an awareness of the issues presented in this store, and that even though it's a musical, the depth of its issues still applies to real life. It reminds us to check in on our friends, stand up to aversion, and to be able to recognize relationship abuse, bullying, and signs of suicide.”


Everyone, whether you have seen the movie or not, you should see the show! It is a chance to see and experience everything that both the nature of characters and the actors have to offer. Opening night is Thursday, April 11 at 7 PM. There are also shows on April 12 at 7 PM and April 13 at 2 PM. Tickets are selling out fast so make sure to catch the Marquis Players selling tickets in Fairnon from 12-1 every day this week!