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Living With Celiacs: The Best Gluten-Free Options at Lafayette

As a first-year here at Lafayette, I was unsure what to expect when adjusting to campus food. My mother is a phenomenal cook, so I knew the transition from home-cooked meals to dining halls was going to be tough, but an added allergy to gluten, Celiacs, made me a lot more nervous.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. It is often dubbed the “glue” of some food and is the binding agent in wheat. People are sometimes gluten-free by choice, but usually because of an allergy or Celiacs disease. It is important to understand the severity of allergies and Celiac, so that all of you who can eat gluten remember to keep the gluten-free designated areas uncontaminated!

My anxious mother sent me to school with multiple cases of Pirates Booty and Annie’s GF Mac & Cheese (a balanced diet) as a precaution to make sure I didn’t starve, but Lafayette and the Easton area left me pretty impressed with their gluten-free options. I’ve been trying almost every gluten-free food I can find at Lafayette, and am starting to figure out what’s the best. Below, I’ve listed all of my favorite gluten-free foods around campus, and I hope this list helps you find your new favorite gluten-free food!


ECO Cafe

The new ECO Cafe in the Rockwell Integrated Science Center is the perfect place for a healthy grab & go meal, but some of their salads and sushi are not GF, so make sure to read all the labels! They also sell many Safe + Fair foods, which are all gluten-free except for the cookies. My favorites are the Grilled Chicken & Edamame Salad and the Red Quinoa and rice salad.



Gilberts is a Lafayette staple and is where I grab lunch pretty much every day. They have gluten-free bread and bagels, so it is easy and accessible to order almost any sandwich on the menu! My favorites are Lox on a gluten-free bagel and the Three Cheese Grilled cheese on gluten-free bread. 

Tip: Ask for chips instead of tater tots 



GF Quesadillas, Burgers & Paninis!! If you are gluten sensitive but not Celiac, the Hard Wok Stir fry can be made with rice or rice noodles, but neither the peanut sauce or soy sauce are gluten-free. They also sell glutino pretzels as well as many Safe + Fair products if you’re just looking for a snack. They also have “grab and go” gluten-free PB & Js and Ham sandwiches by the Panini station. My favorite GF food from Lower is the cheese quesadilla!

Tip: Right after you order your quesadilla, walk up to the quesadilla station to tell them if it is an allergy or preference to speed things up.



One time at Marquis I witnessed a girl steal about 10 slices GF bread and it honestly gave me way too many ideas. Marquis usually has a pretty good selection of GF cooked veggies and the sandwich bar can make you anything you’d like on gluten-free bread! They also have a wide selection of gluten-free cereals, frozen meals, and desserts. 

My favorites are the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and the chocolate brownies that come in the yellow boxes (that are extremely convenient to slip in your bag)!



They have gluten-free bread and rolls so you can order any sandwich you like (granted the rest of the ingredients in it are gluten-free. My favorites are the “Take the Hill” on a GF roll and the “Rejuvenator” with red onion instead of fried onion. 


I’m so glad that there is such a variety of options on campus, and I’m excited to keep exploring the Easton area and seeing what else on-campus and off-campus places have to offer.  Remember, GF can also stand for Good Food! Go out and feast ladies!


Maggie Larsen

Lafayette '23

Econ major at Lafayette College
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