Hungry and Stressed? Delta House of Pancakes is Your Solution!

Love pancakes and looking for a stress reliever as the semester starts kicking into overdrive? Well, look no further because Delta Delta Delta is here to help! This year, the event is being held Friday, November 2nd from 10:00pm-2:00am, perfect for some late night snacking. Delta House of Pancakes, or DHOP for short, is an annual fundraiser where, for a small fee you get all you can eat pancakes cooked by the Tri Delt sisters. All the proceeds benefit St. Jude’s Research Hospital, which continues to pioneer research methods for pediatric cancer and other life threatening diseases. What makes this organization stand out is the fact that families never receive a bill for treatment.


Kira Botelho (Class of ‘20), Tri Delta’s Philanthropy Chair, has been working tirelessly for months to fundraise and plan this event. This year, the sorority is aiming to raise over $2,500 through corporate sponsorship and of course, pancake making. When asked, Kira explained her favorite part of the event is the smiles of the guests. “The event is really fun because our sisters are constantly moving and the guests are happy with unlimited pancakes.” Further, food isn’t the only type of entertainment at this event. Different acapella groups on campus come to perform throughout the night to delight the guests while pancakes are being made.  


This event is especially meaningful to Lafayette’s Tri Delta chapter because even though they are geographically far from their philanthropy, this event allows them to support the research hospital in other ways and educate Lafayette campus about St. Jude’s purpose. According to Kira, “this event connects us both with St. Jude and to all Tri Deltas because it is a national event. Our philanthropy allows us, as a sorority and as a campus, to impact science and human lives.”


This event will be really special for the Tri Delta and Lafayette community, not only because of the endless pancakes, but also because of the philanthropic connection with St. Jude’s research hospital. Can’t wait to see you there!