Holiday Baking Guide

Between Secret Santa, cookie swaps, and holiday parties, there are plenty of occasions to bake during the holiday season. While gingerbread houses and sprinkle-coated sugar cookies are always cute, there are many other treats which can impress your friends and family. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, here are some special recipes you need to try this holiday season!


Christmas Crack

Difficulty level: 1/5


Think you can only make those pre-sliced Pillsbury holiday-themed cookies? Try out this addictive treat for any holiday or gathering where you want to put in a little more effort (but not too much). It is both sweet and salty; gooey and crunchy. A little hack to make this even simpler is to buy and melt packaged caramels instead of making caramel from scratch. Before the chocolate layer cools, be sure to top it off with some coconut flakes, sprinkles, or small candies!


Cookie Dough Fudge

Difficulty level: 2/5


No oven, no problem! If you love the taste of raw cookie dough, you need to try this out. This fudge is sure to impress your family and friends, and it’s quite simple to make. You can keep it classic by just adding chocolate chips, or add holiday M&Ms for a seasonal twist.


Melted Snowman Cookies

Difficulty level: 3/5


Want to ramp up your regular sugar cookies? Instead of topping with colored sprinkles, try topping with some vanilla frosting and a marshmallow. Then, break out a piping bag (tip: you can just cut the tip off of a regular Ziploc bag) and add some snowman features. These cookies are also are great for dipping in hot chocolate!


Gingerbread Star Tree

Difficulty Level: 4/5


You’ve surely seen gingerbread man cookies and gingerbread houses each year, but all you need to make your first gingerbread tree is a set of star-shaped cookie cutters. If you want to save some time, use a box mix to make your gingerbread cookie dough. Next, get out your rolling pin, and begin cutting your stars! Once they are out of the oven, arrange your cookies by size. Add frosting or sprinkles as desired, then stack the trees from largest to smallest, alternating the direction the stars face.


Peppermint Patty-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

Difficulty Level: 5/5


If you are up for the challenge, you will adore the richness of this chocolate cookie base and refreshing inner peppermint core. These are perfect for the chocolate-lover in your life. Sprinkle the cookies with snow-like powdered sugar or crushed candy canes!


Many of these desserts can be made with only one bowl or pan, so you can make them while you are still at school if you wish. While your treats are in the oven, toss on your favorite seasonal tunes or holiday movies. Most importantly, baked goods are best when shared!