The Fall Fest You Can’t Miss

One lazy Saturday morning, I stumbled into Fall Fest on Lafayette’s Quad completely unknowingly. I ran into tents of apple cider donuts, fresh cider, a macaroni and cheese bar, and many other treats that were fall flavored. I was in my own heaven.


Every year, Lafayette Activities Forum, plans three main events throughout the school year. The first of these is Fall Fest! Fall Fest includes pumpkin decorating, apple cider ~everything~, free t-shirts (!!!), and exciting games that quite literally turn our quad into a carnival. Check out the pictures from last year!


We all miss the classic Fall activities we did with our families at home, but now you can enjoy them right on campus on your Saturday morning walk to Upper! Be on the lookout Saturday, October 27th, starting at noon, to pick out your own pumpkin to display by your door to bring some of your homey fall traditions to school.


The Activities Forum also puts on Winter Fest, which, last year, featured an ice rink on March Field. They also sponsor the infamous Spring Concert, which yes, they did bring T-Pain and Waka Flocka to campus last year. Who knows which combo they will bring this year for one of the best weekends of the year, but for now we can look forward the Fall festivities!

If you’re anything like me, fall is one of the best times of the year. Being from New England, I can tell you all you need to know about foliage, crisp air, and the best fall foods, but Lafayette works hard to bring all of your favorites to campus! Even if you aren’t from the Northeast and don’t experience seasons, the carnival games and giant hamster ball (which might make another appearance this year?) will be enough to keep you excited about the chilly air that might be new to you!


So crack open an cold (or warm) apple cider this Saturday and enjoy this perfect sweatshirt weather before campus turns to a sheet of ice!