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The ECO Cafe located on the second floor of the Rockwell Integrated Science Center (RISC) is a great food option for students on campus. They offer grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, sushi, pudding, yogurt and smoothies! After almost 3 months on campus, I have tried all of the smoothie options and I am ready to give you my rankings of all the flavors.

  1. Chocolate Strawberry: This smoothie tastes exactly like a chocolate covered strawberry! The vanilla yogurt gives the smoothie a smooth texture and the chocolate chips add a nice texture to the smoothie. It is quite simple but it is my personal favorite, so if you love chocolate covered strawberries this is the smoothie for you!
  2. Sunshine Daydream: This smoothie is a very close second. The strawberries, peachecs, vanilla yogurt, and cream of coconut combine to make a smooth, sweet and tropical taste. This smoothie will surely brighten any day!
  3. The Elvis: If you, like Elvis himself, love peanut butter and bananas this smoothie is meant for you! This is the protein boost I need in between classes. I recommend adding chocolate chips to your smoothie to make it even more of a treat!
  4. Berry Boost: How can you go wrong with blueberries, strawberries and chocolate chips? This smoothie is very similar to the Chocolate Strawberry with the addition of blueberries and honey. The berries and chocolate combine to make this smoothie a sweet pick me up in the middle of studying.
  5. Peach Melba: The famous peach melba dessert turned into a smoothie. Peaches and raspberries combine to give you the fruity and sweet smoothie you are looking for!
  6. The Leopard: Named after our school’s beloved mascot, the leopard is a classic with soy milk, honey, strawberry, and banana. If your go-to smoothie is the classic strawberry banana smoothie, the Leopard is the smoothie for you!
  7. Strawberry Mango Lemonade: Strawberries, mango, lemon juice, and cream of coconut combine to make a sweet and tart smoothie. I personally prefer my smoothies on the sweeter side but if you like to pair lemon juice with sweet strawberries, then this is the  perfect combination!
  8. Mint To Be Smoothie- This creamy smoothie has white chocolate, almond milk, banana, and of course, mint. If you love that minty fresh flavor along with rich white chocolate stop, give this smoothie a try.
  9. Beet It: With beet juice, orange juice, kale and strawberries this smoothie combines your veggies and fruits into one delicious drink!
  10. The Awakening: This smoothie is the pick me up you need to keep you awake for all those study sessions! Coffee, bananas, vanilla protein powder, cinamon, almond milk, chocolate syrup, and honey all give you the energy you need on those long days. I am not the biggest fan of coffee but this smoothie is definitely a great option for the coffee lovers out there!
  11. Avocolada: If you like avocado, this is the smoothie for you! The pineapple and coconut milk give this smoothie a tropical flavor while the avocado, yogurt and skim milk gives it a super creamy texture.
  12. So Kale Me Maybe: This smoothie definitely wins points for the cutest name! As one of the healthiest (if not the healthiest) smoothie options it contains kale, spinach, ginger, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon juice and water. I personally prefer my smoothies more fruity but this is a great option to drink up all your greens!

With the option to mobile order or order in-house (where you can get punches on a punch card to get a free smoothie after buying 10 smoothies), ECO cafe is my go-to stop on campus. I am a certified smoothie enthusiast so you can find me stopping by to get a smoothie between classes or during a study session in Rockwell. I challenge you to try all the smoothies and see how your favorites compare to mine!

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