Don’t Know What to Bring to College? Here is Your Go-To List

The start of new classes marks the end of summer. For college students that means PACKING, and loads of it! Unfortunately, college wardrobes do not give you a ton of room, so you have to be strategic about the pieces you decide to bring. From going to class, going out, or studying in the library all day, you have to bring a diverse mix of clothing, making the job of packing even more of a challenge! So, here are a few staples that will accomodate all of your outfit needs:

Every Day Staples

  • Plain T-Shirts - Owning a couple plain tee-shirts will act as a great base for a wide array of outfits. College Fashion states that “these can be worn alone in summer or layered under cardigans, jackets, and long-sleeved tops in winter.” Gap has some great affordable ones that hold up well.

  • Denim - Jeans as well as jean shorts are another important basic to bring to college. You most likely will be wearing leggings the majority of the time, but on days when you want to put a little more

  • Knit Scarves - When it starts getting cold outside, knit scarves definitely come in handy! They act as a great accessory to any outfit while keeping you warm.

  • Bean Boots/hunter boots - Believe it or not, it’s going to rain. There will always be a time when you have to walk across campus in a torrential downpour to class. The last thing you want is soggy shoes! So, the ultimate solution to that is investing in either Beat Boots or Hunter Boots. These two brands make a high quality, durable pair of boots that will last for years!

  • Outerwear - Coats and jackets are crucial in college. You will need a rain jacket to get from class to class in the rain, and North Face has the best selection. You will also need a durable winter coat for the colder months. Also, having a nice vest is a good addition as well.

Wild Night on the Town:

  • Party Sneakers - The fact of the matter is, going out gets down and dirty. There will be mud, it will be sticky, and you have to be prepared. A good go-to for many girl are Converse, Nike’s or Vans. These are all shoes that you can throw in the wash or wipe off with a Clorox wipe before destroying them over and over!

  • Black attire - When going out, most girls wear primarily black. What’s nice about this is that you only need a couple basic black tops and bottoms. H&M as well as Forever 21 have great, inexpensive going out clothing options.

In college, you essentially need to wardrobes, but have half the space of a standard closet. With this guide, you will be able to condense the amount of clothing you pack for college, while continuing to look stylish!