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I’m sure we all know someone — or are that someone — who is into crystals, but what are crystals and what do they do? Crystals have been valued for their beauty but also for their high vibrational properties. According to quantum physics, everything has an energy vibration system, including crystals and humans. Humans are better at gauging those energy fields than one might think, since we can sense “vibes,” or that vibrational energy. Since crystals have such high vibrations, their presence can raise our “vibes”. This fundamental principle is the basics of crystal healing and crystal use. Here is a list of beginner crystals that help start any collection:


Amethyst: Amethyst is a very common crystal and holds a lot of power. Amethyst helps with intuition, insomnia, creativity, manifestation, anxiety, and connects you to your higher self. This is a great all around crystal.


Black Tourmaline: This stone is a great absorber of negative energy and harm. It is known to protect against negativity and reduce stress or negative emotions. 


Carnelian: This crystal is perfect for promoting safety, courage, boosting energy, and determination. Carnelian is good for fostering strength and willpower for anyone shy or run down of energy. 


Citrine: Citrine enhances prosperity, self-esteem, and self-image. This is a great stone to work with for manifestation and for amplifying new beginnings. 


Clear Quartz: This crystal is an amplifier of energy and is known as a master healer. This is the perfect first crystal since it balances the mind, body, and spirit. It is also a  purification stone and a protection stone, covering all the basics. 


Moonstone: This stone helps strengthen intuition, aid decision making and creative problem solving. 


Rose Quartz: Rose quartz amplifies self-love, compassion, and kindness. This is a perfect stone for those who are insecure and want to facilitate healing of personal relationships, whether that be with oneself or others. 


Selenite: Selenite is a cleansing stone that recharges other crystals and raises vibrational energies. This stone works with all stones and is great for intuition as well. 


Smokey Quartz: This stone balances energies and turns negative energies into positive ones. 


A great way to start is to visit your local metaphysical shop and see what calls to you. Trust your intuition and trust your journey of self discovery! If you want to learn more about crystals and their properties, check out this book on Amazon to get you started.


Lily Gilmore

Lafayette '24

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