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The pressure to be the most creative and spooky during Halloween season is real in my house. Every year we have a pumpkin carving party, and when I was in middle school we also had a dessert-making contest included in the party. Everyone had to come prepared with their own creative and spooky dish if they wished to enter the contest. Now if you are attending or hosting any Halloween party and need a fun and spooky dessert for everyone to enjoy, I personally think my dish was the best and didn’t get the recognition it deserved then (12-year-old me unfortunately did not beat my baker aunt and aspiring makeup artist cousin) so it’s getting its recognition now. 

May I introduce the Spooky Boo Brownies. Hands down simultaneously the cutest, spookiest, and easiest dessert I’ve ever made. All you need is:

  • 1 brownie mix box (you will need water, vegetable oil, and eggs for a box like the Betty Crocker brownie mix box and others)
  • 1 cup of white frosting 
  • 16 large marshmallows 
  • Black decorating gel

*quantities can be altered based on amount of guests 

The more formal instructions on how to make this can be found at this link but below is an overview of the steps.

  1. Make as many brownies as you think you needas7Ced7jCNqti4HZXBg8RudeThsS2X2J6KY7SMehCkbXp kDmlhh3lHcaUhaUtkqJhdB6Bia zHGO5f7lv1wGfBQZ7Pwa7Rdta6UPAQy6FNgGOeesZ1IS5fnN7UMcTBbyTjCJMw9CCsp6XecwDoRWFDyEFU5t6TdTnvcJjWIpDfBHzl0UeqpODpvGXqYGg
  2. Put a marshmallow on top of each 
  3. Pour the frosting over each to solidify it in place
  4. Draw dots for eyes and filled in O’s for a mouth on the front of the marshmallow 

It doesn’t take much skill or time, and with the right display it fits in perfectly among a Halloween party! The picture on the left is from the Betty Crocker recipe website and they displayed it simply on what seems to be parchment paper. Personally, I think my display (pictured on the left) from middle school is much better for its spookiness. I used a cupcake display stand, a ripped up cheese cloth, and sprinkled extra brownie pieces with ghost sprinkles in the open spaces. 

Happy baking and Happy Spooky Season! :)

McKenna Graf

Lafayette '26

McKenna is at Lafayette College studying English and FAMS. She spends her free time reading or rambling about her favorite movies/tv shows. Her favorite feeling is sitting next to a fire reading a book after a long day of skiing. She loves to write articles about things she's experienced (and obviously adding fun anecdotes about her family) and she hopes you enjoy reading.