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10 Tips to Survive an End of Semester Slump

Let’s be real: this semester has been anything but easy! We have survived being on campus in the midst of a global pandemic, with ever-changing guidelines, levels, and rules to follow. We have navigated this hybrid semester with as much patience, persistence, and unity as possible. So, it’s only natural that as the work picks up, without a sufficient spring break, these last few weeks can feel even more grueling than the ones that preceded them. Hopefully, this list can help these upcoming weeks feeling a little brighter, more hopeful, and more fun.


  1. Lean on your friends!

  2. Call home and get help from your family and friends from your town

  3. Treat yourself to some Wawa or campus pizza

  4. Celebrate yourself whenever you can, whenever you finish anything, even something that feels small

  5. Try to find the interesting moments in classes

  6. Stay in the moment and try to minimize anxiety about the future 

  7. Find one thing to look forward to each day

  8. Try something new amongst the chaos

  9. Make to-do lists—you’ll feel so productive checking things off

  10. Give yourself real breaks where you don’t even think about work—your mental health will thank you!

Let’s go forward and power through these last few weeks together! We got this!

Lisa Green

Lafayette '24

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a freshman at Lafayette. I'm interested in theater, politics, cooking and more!
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