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10 Biggest Reasons You Miss Your Mom at School

We all can agree there’s probably many things we miss about home. But the one thing that always comes back to me, is how much I miss my mom. There’s dozens of reasons for this, but I’ll condense it into my biggest 10.

1. Hugs

Sure, you can hug your friends here at school, but nothing quite compares to being in your mom’s arms after a really long day.

2. Cooking

Getting a fresh cooked meal and being able to smell it from your room? Try and tell me you don’t miss that.

3. Errands

Maybe this is just me, but I miss running errands with my mom. Whether it was the grocery store or the mall, I miss procrastinating with her.

4. Saturday Mornings

Coming downstairs in the late morning time to the TV on and breakfast cooking is one of the biggest reasons I miss home, and my mom.

5. “How was your day?”

I never realized how much I missed debriefing with mom after my day at school. Often times I wouldn’t even want to talk about it, but she always found a way to talk it out with me.

6. Snow Days

I miss snuggling on the couch, watching trash TV, and eating chocolate all day with my mom on snow days.

7. Being sick

You don’t realize how much you appreciate your mom until you get sick and remember how much she does for you. Whether its bringing you food in bed, medicine, or helping you walk to the bathroom, your mom is always there for you.

8. Boys

No matter what, my mom always knows the right thing to say, whether or not I want to hear it or not. Your mom will always be on your side, but she will give you her honest opinion, which, lets face it, you need.

9. Shopping

I trust my mom’s opinion probably more than anyone else’s so when I go shopping, I always have to run my buys by her, even when I’m not with her. But I do miss shopping with her in person instead of Facetiming her in when I need her help.

10. Being your best friend

Maybe its just me, but my mom is my best friend and I won’t lie about it. She’s the absolute best and is always there for me when I need her.

So mom, thank you for everything. I miss you at school more than you know.

Krystyna Keller

Lafayette '21

Creating things since '98 Campus Correspondent for HC Lafayette
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