Whats so Good about Good Friday?

The answer why Good Friday is good at La Verne: no school. Wonder why La Verne celebrates "Good Friday" with no classes compared to other schools? 

The term "Good Friday" defined by Google, is "the Friday before Easter Sunday, on which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated in the Christian Church. It is traditionally a day of fasting and penance."

According to Christianity.com, Good Friday is an important day of the year because it celebrates the weekend of Easter, celebrated by Christians. The University of La Verne is in close affiliation with the Church of the Brethren, located on 2425 E. St, La Verne, CA. Which means, the University celebrates Good Friday as a holiday. The website, La Verne Church of the Brethern, has worship every Fifth Sunday of Lent and shares their mission and vales on the website.

The Church provides a Christian Education program, or Sunday School. 

But, since the suffering of Jesus Christ, there are debates of whether the name is appropriate or not. It is believed the day of Jesus's Death to be appropriate, as terrible as it was, it marked the day of "culmination of God's plan to save his people from their sins." (According to christianity.com)