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What It’s Really like being in a Sorority: College Party Girl Stigma Debunked

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Verne chapter.

We’ve all watched Zac Efron beautifully illustrate what college fraternities are like in films. And Selena Gomez portray the crazy beautiful yet ditzy sorority president. When I was a freshman I made a point to stay clear of the Greek life than had been impressed upon me by films and the ever constant horrific news about Greek life tragedies. Upon rushing, I found something different.


I, like many has a preconceived idea of what the word “sorority” means. It’s usually followed with images of intoxicated 20 somethings dressed in togas.

But, when my young freshman self entered into sorority recruitment on a whim, it was not was I was taught to expect. 

It has been two years since I’ve pledged to my sorority of choice and my eyes and heart have been opened to the driven women who make up Greek chapter’s all over college campuses. 

I was very new to Greek life, didn’t have a friend in any sororities and no family accustomed to the phrasing and traditions that everyone around me knew. A blank slate, scared but open to new experiences, I set out to find my people. 


Below some (very honest) Q&A’s I get all the time:

Don’t you feel like you’re paying for your friends?

Simply put, no. At first, I did think it odd, paying a monthly due to hang out with people. However, as I became more informed I learned that I’m paying for experiences.Socials, Mother’s Day Brunches, Transportation to Philanthropic events, kickball team t-shirts are what dues are for.


Do you get hazed?

Every sorority is different and my personal opinion on the matter is ‘why would you allow people to be mean to you’? Why would you surround yourself with negative people that enjoy public embarrassment/harassment??? It’s 2018 get better friends sis. Although there are people that think this as a playful right of way, I don’t think it’s worth it. 

Do you get along with everyone in your sorority? 

The older I get the more its confirmed to me that in life, there will consistently be good and bad things. You get to decide if the good is worth the bad. But I believe if you’re paying for something and putting your energy into something you should enjoy it. Obviously, you’re going to mesh better with some people and maybe not have so much in common with others. But the idea of having a sorority is having a giant support system of women with the same values. It’s a give and take system. At the end of the day I know my sister’s support me and I support my sisters and ultimately I will always be there for them. 


What surprised you about Greek life?

I went into Greek life with the mentality that as soon as I didn’t like something I’d leave. I was surprised by how quickly the women around me really became like real sisters to me. In the past I had always made fun of female organizations, I thought they were pathetic. I never really understood the kind of connection you could have with women who share your values and goals, but it’s actually something really powerful. 

Another happy surprise for me is the leadership within the organization. Immediately, you are given a big sister who’s really like a best friend and hundreds of linkedIn connections with women all over the world who will have your back and support you because you wear the same greek letters. Job opportunities, service hours and an emotional support system are all part of the experience. 




If you have any other questions feel free to DM me @paulina_wartman 

Much like the Disney character, I don't let society define who I am & I always do what I think is right. Communications/Public Relations major, Class of 2019 at the University of La Verne. I aspire to learn from the best to better serve the world we live in by creating clear messages for the public.