Spirits of La Verne

The University of La Verne has been known for being on haunted grounds, with ghosts stories circulating every class. With Halloween just a couple days away, everyone seems to be looking for the next best-haunted house.

Throughout the years, ghosts have been sited on the majority of the University of La Verne's campus grounds: Founders Hall, the Dailey Theatre, Hanawalt House, the International Student Center, and the resident halls, Studebaker-Hanawalt (Stu-Han) and Vista La Verne. Nonetheless, the ghost siting stories have been published across the Internet on multiple accounts retelling the same stories that have been over publicized by students across the university.

 Thus, as twist, this artcile is going to cover the 8 spirits that have been recogonized and are throught to still be roaming the main campus.

1. Gladdys

The former professor of Latin and Spanish at the University of La Verne is said to be roaming the hallways of Founders Hall.  Professor Gladdys E. Muir died in 1967 after falling down the stairs on the east side of Founders Hall and died as a result of her injuries.

2. Glasa 

The University of La Verne's former Audio-Visual Director is said to be roaming Founders Hall since August 1978. David Glasa, the Audio-Visual Director, was going through a normal day of classes, when his girlfriend broke up with him. Devastated by the incident, he committed suicide that same August day in his office, which was located in Founders Hall.

3. Evelyn

There had been rumors that President Morgan's first secretary, known only as Evelyn, had a strong infatuation towards him. In an unexpected occurrence, Evelyn suffered an aneurism and collapsed on the floor. Despite being rushed straight to the hospital, there were no means to saving her.

There is barely any information available to us about Evelyn; she had no relatives or friends that could elaborate on her situation upon her death. Nonetheless, President Morgan's following secretary had felt her presence lingering over President Morgan.  

 4. Henderson

Jim Henderson was a student who was murdered at the University of La Verne in 1979. One night, Henderson and a friend drove to the desert to shoot a film for one of his classes. There, they met two men who asked for a ride back with them. After denying them a ride, Henderson received a direct gunshot. He died right away.

Four years later, students sensed a spirit roaming the Dailey Theatre. The spirit was identified as Henderson's who began appearing in two of the dressing rooms. Sightings are still made till this day.

5. Grandma Hanawalt

The Hanawalt house has been a part of The University of La Verne for decades. It hosts numerous events organized by the university's fraternities and sororities, alongside other club events.

In 2004, the house almost burnt down completely, but was meticulously restored. Visitors seldom report seeing Grandma Hanawalt across the house as if she still lived there. She was one of the first residents of that house.  

6. The Woman in the Kitchen

The International Student Center is based in one of the houses that are a part of the university's main campus. For years, items would reportedly go missing and the staff would sometimes feel like they are being watched. The strangest report was when reproduction paintings of Frida Kahlo removed themselves from the walls overnight. 

A couple years ago, a girl walked in the house claiming that it was where her grandmother had once lived. The director's office, the place where items were known to be missing the most, is where her grandmother had burned to death in a kitchen fire. The girl never returned.  

7. The Stu-Han Ghost 

Studebaker-Hanawalt has been known as the haunted dormitory. There has been several reports regarding supernatural incidents that had been observed by students who dorm there.

A female student has reportedly committed suicide on the dormitory's second wing by choking herself to death. Students have reported hearing loud bangs and the noise of a girl grasping for her last breathe. 

There have also been reports of a little girl, with dark hair standing next to the TV, dressed in church clothes. It is unknown whether it is the same student who had hung herself, or another ghost trying to make herself known.  

8. The Ouija Spirit

Vista La Verne is the newest dormitory on campus, featuring suite-style living. Being close to the Hanawalt house, a girl living on the first floor used an Ouija board to connect to the spirits. Stuttered, the girl stopped the game without properly ending the connection with the spirit world.

Current residents have reported hearing knocks and unexplainable banging throughout the night at certain times a month.


Happy haunting!

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