Solo Daytrip to Seal Beach: My Exciting Experience

In the middle of my summer, I found myself distraught with anxiety, worry, unreliable emotions, and a lack of clarity. Thanks to Emma Chamberlain, I was inspired to spend a day alone. I began dreaming up a day trip alone to a new beach I had never been to. Little did I know, this spot would become my favorite beach to attend. I asked around to some friends and coworkers and decided upon going to Seal Beach. It was only 45 minutes away, just the opposite direction of the beaches I usually go to. I began researching things to do in the area and found a super cool spa. I scheduled a reiki massage with a CBD salve add-on. Besides this appointment, the rest of the day was mine to go with the flow. 

I am not an easy-going person quite honestly. However, I could feel myself going 100 mph in my daily life, jam-packing my schedule and never taking time to be alone with my thoughts and feelings. This led to me melting down several times. I knew that having no plan and allowing myself to spend money frivolously for once during my self-care day would really help me become mindful and present again. I started the day by trying a smoothie place. Then I headed to the beach where I found $2/hour parking, which was AWESOME!

I lounged on the beach and went in the water, catching a nice tan (as good as I can get with a layer of sunscreen to protect my white skin). Then I got some thai food, which has been my 2019 obsession. As I explored all of the little mom-and-pop shops in Seal Beach, I was so happy and free. I found cute, red lifeguard shorts and a Mexican blanket, both of which I had been meaning to find. I also found an awesome crystal store where I met a lady that recommended to me some crystals for grounding and told me to put them in my sports bras (a cool tip I've never heard of). At the Seal Beach themed store, I bought some jewelry and souvenirs for my best friend and my boyfriend. Next, I made it to my massage appointment and enjoyed the experience of trying reiki healing. The woman suggested I wear more red to move more energy through my sacral chakra to get rid of any stagnation in my relationships (the lifeguard shorts were fate). For dinner, I drove to Long Beach where I found the coolest restaurant of my life. It’s called Plant Power Fast Food. I was beyond ecstatic to find such a revolutionary business that serves vegan fast food like a Big Zac or Iconic Fries (modeled after animal style fries). I also fell in love with the fact that all of the restaurant’s utensils and packaging were compostable.

After dinner, I drove back to the beach to chase the sunset. Finally, I drove home satisfied and with my heart and soul full and nourished from the day.

I highly recommend for everyone to go out by yourself. Talk to cashiers and waiters and enjoy time alone. You must have a positive and comfortable relationship with yourself above all else. For me, the beach is where I replenish the best, but go wherever makes your heart content. It was so powerful to save money for myself to blow on the things that make me happy like food and crystals without any regrets. At the end of the day, we're stuck with ourselves for life. Finding solitude and worth in yourself is so crucial and is an unending practice