Meet Javi!

Hello, my name is Javier Lucatero.

I am a first-generation, third-year Psychology major/Educational Studies minor at the University of La Verne. My hometown is Azusa, CA, but I commute to the university so often, it is basically my second home. I’m only a few months away from my 21st birthday, which I look forward to with so much excitement!


My dream job was always to become an elementary teacher, but I was exposed to the psychology field and realized my fascination for it. I now aspire to be a psychologist who assists children and adolescents in low-income areas. I have previous experience working with children who suffer from Autism or Down Syndrome and understand the complexities that take place with children who suffer from these illnesses.


My current occupation involves part-time work as a respite caregiver for children who live with Autism or Down Syndrome. Most of the work I do with these individuals contribute valuable experience that I can relate to my major. I will also begin working as a One-to-One Teacher’s Aide at Haynes School of Autism in La Verne. This not only opens doorways to the field that I aspire to work in, but it gives me adequate knowledge on how a classroom is run when working with children on the spectrum. Both opportunities give me insight into the obstacles I may face as a child psychologist, but also allow me to be aware of the disadvantages these individuals face.


Aside from my occupational life, I am a heavily influenced, family-orientated person. I place great importance on having/spending time with my family and supplying a supportive hand. My family is the groundwork for who I am as a person, and they humble me to strive to be the greatest version of myself.


In my spare time, I very much enjoy going on various adventures with my closest friends. Past adventures include a road trip to San Francisco, San Diego, Lake Havasu, Las Vegas, and much more. These trips are typical as a getaway for friends, but I also plan on having another vacation with brothers from my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. As of recent, I have grown as an individual within this brotherhood thanks to those who I surround myself with.


Some interesting facts about me include my knowledge of Deaf culture and American Sign Language, I’m always on the go because I enjoy adventurous activities, and I always put myself out there when discussing human/civil rights. I find value in being optimistic and willing to listen to other point-of-views, as well as playing devil’s advocate in social and political issues. Lastly, my favorite color is red, I’m extremely afraid of needles, and I love Lana Del Rey.


Below is a photo of myself trying my best to model.


Contact Me: [email protected]