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Leos Protest: A Movement for Diversity & Inclusivity Part II

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Verne chapter.

It is no doubt that a movement has been created at the University of La Verne.


On Thursday, October 25, there was a protest at Founders Hall. The protest consisted of a group of students who protested for demands on diversity and inclusivity, with many of these students having experienced microaggressions on campus. To learn more in detail about the protest that took place this last month, make sure to read my previous article on the subject.


Last Week, on Wednesday November 4, there was a faculty meeting held at the ballrooms in The Sara and Michael Abraham Campus Center, in which the students who were at the protest were invited as part of the agenda to cover the demands the students presented. Below is a handout that was passed out to the faculty, which students read over during the meeting.

During this meeting, faculty were informed of mostly anonymous testimonies from students who are victims of microaggressions–many, performed by the the the adults who were present in the room.


This is a very sensitive topic, which is bound to make people feel uncomfortable, but it is something that needs to not only be addressed, but be taken action on. The result of this meeting consisted of thanking the students for speaking up and for their bravery to take action. Very few measures were taken to really address the subjects, such as microaggression acts, only focusing on what part of the demands, being the diversity training. Students were left with unanswered questions, feeling “like they were not being heard”.


What will Students With a Voice do next? What will faculty and administration do to fix the institution?


Here’ the faculty meeting live stream:

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