Leos Protest: A Movement for Diversity & Inclusivity

“As students, we will no longer remain idle as the president, provost, and administration are not held accountable for the mental strain they push onto students based off of their identities.”

- Students with a voice

On Thursday, October 25th several students at the University of La Verne gathered outside of President Lieberman’s office on a protest. The students wore a sign on their chests that read #ULVCULTURE along with tape over their mouths as they walked across campus to Founders Hall.



Many of these students are victims, or witnesses, of microaggressions made on campus by faculty and staff. Microaggressions are essentially minor, yet impactful instances that instill discrimination and otherization toward people of minority identities. Students demanded that “the provost, each presidential cabinet member, all deans, and the president create a curricular and co-curricular strategic plan that promotes diversity and inclusivity in their department on campus.” The students insinuated these proposals in attempts to gain a better education experience that is free of discrimination from educators and administration. They urged for a “change in the faculty and employee handbook," in which training will be required on diversity, inclusion, neurodiversity, mental health, gender-identities, disabilities, sexuality, and socioeconomic status, just to name a few.


These are not new issues at our institution. “Students are promised an environment that values diversity and inclusivity to foster their personal and professional growth”, but, the institution has not upheld these promises.


The institution has failed us. All we can do is hope for improvement and for our voices as students to be heard and valued.