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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Verne chapter.

For the second consecutive year, the Los Angeles Dodgers had punched their card to the Fall classic and came up short. The Red Sox beat LA to win the World Series Sunday.


Coming off of one of their rockiest seasons in a long time, the Dodgers did not look like postseason condendors before the All Break over the summer. But with Max Muncys consistent homers, Matt Kemps RBIs and Walker Buhler’s star pitching, the Dodger came back from the grave to knock out the colorado Rockies and Milwaukee Brewers to get to their second consecutive World Series appearance.


The Dodgers defensive looked a lot better than last years, despite some controversial plays by Manny Machado, but the Boston’s bullpen knew where to get LA into a tight space and keep them there.


There was a glimmer of hope during Game 3 when the longest World Series game (time and innings) took place in Los Angeles.


The Dodgers gave the Red Sox the longest run for their money with an 18 inning game that went into the early hours of the following day.


With dramatic Hollywood fashion, Max Muncy ended the game with a Walk Off homer in the bottom of the 18th.


Nevertheless, the Dodgers would go on to lose game 4 and eventually game 5 to drop the series 4-1.


I put the blame on a lot of mismanagement of pitchers and starting lineups.

Understandably, Roberts wanted to save his big hitters for later game that would happen in LA, but the power needed to be brought early to get an early and sizeable lead. One game can always mean the world (series.)


Now into the off season the boys in blue will go.


David Freese has extended his stay in LA for another year, Kershaw has agreed to 3-year $93M extension and Manny Machado will look to see where he calls his next home.

The Dodgers have a lot of young talent that we will definitely see them use this coming 2019 season.


PR student at the University of La Verne