How to Make an Effective Weekly Schedule

Once college began, I started to get very overwhelmed with my different class times and finding pockets of time for homework and exercise and eating. I started creating schedules on Sunday evenings that I would email myself and print out every week. As you read along, try out these tips by integrating them into your life.

The first thing that I do is create a day by day schedule with times on the left column. For example my Monday schedule usually looks something like:

Monday 4/8


9:25-11 Econ

11-3:30 Gym, HW, Lunch, Get Ready

3:30-5 Honors

5 Dinner

Go to Store

6:50-8:25 Pilates

After I create my schedule for every day of the week, I make some more lists. I like to create a to-do list that involves activities and tasks that need to be done. These would be anything not academic related.

To-Do List

Write Her Campus Article

Buy Six Flags tix

Dye hair with manic panic

Get facial with mom

The last thing I usually add to my weekly schedule is a list of all of my homework for each class. I usually put the due dates for each assignment or exam in there as well.



HW#5 Due 4/17


Reading Ch.23-30 Due 4/8

Essay Due 4/10

Reading Ch. 31-35

Midterm Due 4/17 (8 Questions of Study Guide Monday-Wednesday)


Feedback for Pilates

Final Presentation 5/6


Still Life Self-Critique


Ch.7/8 HW

Creating these schedules is more than helpful. Not only is it satisfying to check things off once I finish them, but I also feel less stressed when I get all of the “to-dos” out of my head and down on paper. Sometimes I get inundated with stress for an upcoming week and I feel like I’ll have no time. Making this email every week helps me to see gaps in my schedule and avoid procrastination. I have a paper form and a form in my email so I can see it anytime. You can really personalize these calendars with grocery lists, sporting events, goals for your week, etc. Hope you feel inspired to create your own!