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How to Cope with Stress Eating

It’s that time of the year again...


No, not the holidays, but finals season, and with that, comes stress eating.


Finals are a very stressful few weeks for most students. It is a very hectic time with broken routines and irregular schedules due to late night studying. Because of these irregular schedules, many times students skip meals, they start eating comfort food and snacking on junk food to help them ease their stress. I am no exception when it comes to this, although, I have found some helpful tips that have helped me stay away from stress eating this semester.



I cannot stress this enough. I know it’s hard to stay consistent to a regular eating schedule when it comes to finals week, but try not to skip a meal. When I skip a meal I usually end up overeating and not making the wisest decision when choosing what to eat.



I am not saying to completely avoid junk food, because it has been proven that your body creates a craving for junk food so your body can receive a little break from the strict healthy eating, which actually makes your body relax, but keep the portions a considerable size.



It is very important to stay hydrated during finals. Make sure that you always have your water bottle with you at all times. This helps avoid getting dehydrated, headaches, and the false sense of hunger. When our body is in need of water, it creates a hunger-like feeling, which tends to make people overeat.


I know all bodies are different, and not everything works for everybody. Treat yourself, get as much sleep as you can, and just remember to stay healthy during this finals season!


Good luck on finals, I know all of you will do great :)


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La Verne '22

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