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A Guide For Last Minute Spring Breakers

So, here’s the deal: I have been so caught up with school and midterms these past couple of weeks that spring break literally came out of no where and basically pushed me to a halt. Don’t get me wrong, I have been looking forward to spring break and I’m incredibly glad I finally get the chance to just relax and live my life without having to worry about assignments and tests, but I also was completely unprepared leaving my final class before break when I was talking to some friends and realized they all had some super cool plans for the upcoming week, meanwhile I had nothing. In all reality, who doesn’t love just staying home, slapping on a good face mask with a coffee in hand, sitting next to your sidekick (for me: my little dog), binge-watching an awesome show on Netflix all day. Kudos to you if this is what your spring break plans consist of, mine do as well, but there comes a point when I can only do that so long until I get bored or tired of it. So, if you’re anything like me, here are some last minute spring break plans you can partake in if you want a memorable, fun spring break that you can go about with or without friends (if for some reason they’re all traveling or have other plans of some sort).


1. Browse Your Local Bookstore

Personally I love love love to read, but even as an English major I never really have the chance (more specifically the time) to do so during the semester (or at least with the books I want to read for myself, not as an assignment). So for me, the only time I truly get to relax and really just read a good book because I want to, is during breaks: summer break, winter break, spring break. Literally the day my spring break officially began, I was wandering around Target and stumbled upon the book section and realized I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a segment of my break. So, I looked around and ended up purchasing the book Fahrenheit 451, since I have been hearing pretty good reviews about it for the past couple of months (maybe years?) and I decided I wanted to read it for myself and see what all the hype was about. Long story short, I went into Target for a moisturizer and came out with a novel to read in peace over break and I can confidently say that I already believe my spring break is off to a great start.

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2. Hop On Your Nearest Metro/Train System

Exploration, travel, and fun. To me, I have always seen spring break for college students as this when I was growing up. Now, as a broke college student who didn’t think ahead of time, I had no intentional plans of doing just this during spring break, I would 100% love to, but let’s face it, it really is much more complicated than it seems (at least for me it is). But, that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to live out that thrill! My solution to that? Jump on the metro and just explore! Stay on for as long or little as you would like, get off at an interested or familiar sounding stop and just see what’s around. Whether it’s a great shopping area, tasty food options, a fantastic view, or a beautiful culture different from yours, roam around and plunge right into that setting! It’ll probably lead to some awesome stories and amazing memories. My only advice for myself and all of you when doing this is to have fun, be safe, and be cautious, especially if you’re doing this alone, oh and don’t forget about your ride back- I can say with experience, missing your train isn’t fun.

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3. Go To The Movies

What can I say, I love watching movies and going to movie theaters! I know they may be unreasonably pricey, but if you possibly have more than one option of movie theaters, try to do research ahead of time and compare prices, maybe eat before so you don’t feel the need to buy food, or just sneak in your own snacks (at your own risk of course) because let’s be honest, sometimes the food, snacks, and drinks at a movie theater can be more expensive than the actual ticket for the movie. But, it is completely do-able and in my opinion, it’s worth it because there’s something beautiful and magical about going to the movie theater. Plus, there are so many good movies out right now that I, myself really want to watch and for the ones I’ve watched already, I 100% recommend them! Now, even if you have nobody to go to the movie theaters with, there’s no problem with that! If anything, I applaud you for going to the movies by yourself because to me, it is a sign of growth, confidence, conformability, and self love. You don’t need people with you in order to go out and do the things that you want to do.

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4. Go To Your Favorite Happy Place

This one might be a stretch, but go to places that make you happy, full of joy and peace. My happy place is the beach, pretty cliche, but I love standing over the water, overlooking everything and just feeling the slight breeze on my skin, it’s truly all breath-taking to me. But, I say this one might be a stretch because everyone’s happy place is different and it may not be as easily accessible, it may require travel if your happy place is far, but if it’s near you, I say make the effort and visit it this spring break, you might experience many amazing things while being there. I know school has had me stressed, so taking a trip to the beach would be perfect to completely calm me and regenerate me into the happy me everyone knows and loves (and probably misses while in the middle of a stressful semester). A trip to your happy place might lead you to the right direction into self-discovery, especially if you’re alone or even if you take a friend, you can share the beauty and experience the happiness with someone close to you and that’s really what friendship is all about.

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No matter what you do on spring break, whether it’s traveling to a different place with friends or family, or following my spring break guide to self love and last minute plans, I hope you make the most out of it because at the end of the day this is your life and these are your college memories, so make them as fun and happy as you can because these stories will be with you forever and there is no time greater than now. So, go out there and live your best life and do it safely and make sure you’re doing what is needed to rejuvenate yourself and puts yourself in the most loving and happiest state that you’ve been in for a while. I’m rooting for you and all your spring break plans! 

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