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Campus Cutie: Austin Heron

Name: Austin Bruce Heron

Year: Sophomore

Hobbies: Surfing waves and surfing Netflix

Campus Involvement: Orientation Week Leader, Social Chair for Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Preview Day and Spotlight Leader

Relationship Status: Single

Branch of Military: Marine Corps

Rank: Officer Candidate

Why did you decide to go to Officer Candidate School? I wanted to go to the Naval Academy. I had the grades and got accepted. Right after the decision deadline for all my other colleges, the Naval Academy got back to me and revoked my admission because I’m colorblind. I still wanted to serve and be an officer. I found out Officer Candidate School was the best way to do that.

Why is serving important to you? My dad is a firefighter and my mom is a school teacher. I grew up playing with G.I. Joes and flying around toy planes. I grew up and a childhood passing became an actual career. I saw service from my parents. I saw the excitement I had as a child and still had that excitement as an adult so, I realized that I found the right thing.

What are you looking for in a date to Phi Delta Theta’s formal? A girl who is smarter than me. I’m really interested in genuine conversation and just being able to laugh with someone. Looks help but the person that they are really creates that attraction.

Most romantic thing you’ve ever done? Took a girl on a Disney date and we got dinner at the Blue Bayou along the waterside for her birthday. We watched fireworks and and country music on the drive back home.

What do you plan to do with the next two years at La Verne? I would love to become president of my fraternity and get good enough grades to go to law school after the Marine Corps. 

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