Best Cyber Monday Deals

If you missed Black Friday deals this weekend because you just DIDN'T wanna have to deal with all those people, I feel you on a spiritual level. Here's a list of Cyber Monday deals for those of you who love to shop from the comforts of your own bed (like me)!


1. Amazon

Amazon ALWAYS has the deals for EVERYTHING, but be careful--because the time runs out on certain objects. I know this because I tried to get a Blu-Ray boxed set of the Harry Potter movies on Black Friday, but left them in my cart past midnight. The $27 deal turned into $48 just like that! SMH.


2. Best Buy

For all your tech-y needs, Best Buy has always been the number one go-to store. Same goes for their Cyber Monday deals!


3. Target

Every college student's favorite store, but on SALE! Obviously, only the big tech-y items are worth the sale, but still. TARGET IS ON SALE!!!


4. The Gap

Two words: FREE. SHIPPING. Plus, they have cute clothes! What more can you ask for?


5. The Body Shop

We LOVE these products made from 100% all-natural ingredients!


6. B&H

Photography is an expensive hobby, so this sale definitely comes in handy!


7. Fashion Nova

This online brand is already famous for its great deals, and Cyber Monday makes the discount even more worth it!


8. T-Mobile

Probably the best time to get a new phone is right now. So go get one!


Happy shopping!