Advice to Incoming College Freshman

For many high school students, applying for college is incredibly difficult. That being said, for others (like me) picking the college that you want to go to is one of the toughest parts. After the relief of getting accepted, the decision of choosing the right college is heavy on your shoulders. Choosing the right school is so stressful because it is going to map out the next four years of your life. Since I was in that boat just last year, here is some advice I can give you:


1. Do not choose the school based on your friends


The chance that you and your friends like the same school is slim. I go to a completely different school than my best friends from high school and I hang out with them just about every other weekend, so it is definitely possible! Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone is key to the personal growth process in college.


2. Visit the schools you apply to


I know this one sounds weird, but it happens! Always visit the schools you are considering because an environment really shapes your whole attitude especially if you have to be there for the next four years. When applying to schools I pictured myself at a huge campus with big lecture halls. However, when visiting La Verne I realized I definitely wanted the small school and cozy environment feel!


3. Consider dorming


I know this is a little too soon, but I know for many schools they require housing deposits early. Consider how much money it is and talk with your parents, but just know it is so worth it. I love dorming and it is nice to get your own personal space away from your family. Dorming is such a great way to become more independent and you can meet many people who can quickly become your best friends!


4. Consider distance


When applying to schools always consider how far away a school is from home. I know many people who moved across the state and have moved back home mid-semester because of homesickness. I am only 45 minutes away, so the drive back home is not too bad and if I ever need my parents they are not too far.


5. Be ready for college classes


Yes, college is better than high school. However, it is your responsibility to keep up with your grades, whether that be studying outside of classes, on your free-time, or even doing extra credit (yes extra credit is a thing in college, you're welcome). Staying organized is very important, so invest in a cute planner!


6. Invest in a good laptop


Nine times out of ten you will need a laptop. I suggest really investing in a good one because in reality you will get so much use out of paying more money for one early on.


7. Enjoy your last semester of High School


Honestly the last semester of my senior year and summer before college was the most fun I have had. Making memories and truly enjoying yourself is so important and you will cherish that time so much.


Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed reading some of my advice that I wish I knew before going into college. Try to make the last semester of high school/summer before college the best you possibly could. Take beach trips, shopping sprees, go to drive-ins and have the time of your life with your high school besties. Also ten out of ten advise a good haircut/impulsive trip because those are the best stories. Enjoy high school and get ready for a crazy next four years of your life!