Add Diversity to Your Closet!

Let's be honest, it's always complicated when you start to feel the need to change something up, but not knowing exactly how you want to spice up your life. Personally, my go-to when I begin to feel a bit dull and bored with how long I have kept my hair and closet the same, is to switch up my style. Trust me, I know it isn't always emotionally fun to dramatically change how you are and what you wear since they most certainly correlate with one another, but you can still add certain pieces into your wardrobe, or look into different ways to style some outfits you already own, and still feel and look like a shiny, new confident version of you!

You might not even know where to begin. My suggestion? Start by going on Youtube and try to find some beauty gurus that are genius when it comes to putting outfits together, but most importantly, make sure that you love their style and can picture yourself rocking that same outfit. Even if it's an outfit that that you might not think is for you at first, just keep it in mind and be open to anything. 

Another medium as to finding out edgy ways to make new outfits, get ideas, or even see pieces that you absolutely love but never considered before, search Pinterest! I'm telling you, it really does help to expand your mind in the fashion aspect (who am I kidding, Pinterest can help you find all sorts of new things you'll fall in love with if you're on it enough), but the point is, it gave me inspiration to put together outfits, designs, and even colors that I had no idea worked so well together before.

In my personal opinion from my recent journey of spicing up my fashion taste, when you're just starting out, I would recommend when you go shopping, try to stray from the areas of the store that you're used to initially going straight to. Be open to trying out different designs and colors than your usual go-to. Therefore, don't be too frightened to throw some colors in there, you could always use at least a small pop of yellows, blues, greens, reds, etc. whatever color you see that you usually wouldn't go for, but is calling your name, or goes amazingly with your skin tone, I'm urging you to step outside of your comfort zone a little and go for it! The same goes for designs, even I used to hate them, but I decided to try something new and put myself out there and now I own a beautiful mustard yellow dress with a flora design that I've learned to love, as well as black and white vertical stripped gauchos, which is my current favorite piece in my closet. 

This goes to show, you never know whether you actually despise a particular style until you try it on and see how it looks on you because who knows, you may hate how something looks on a hanger, but it might be the next love of your life when you see it on your beautiful body! Lastly, if you do have several outfit ideas of your own, but you're just nervous or don't have the confidence to wear it in public, I say, just wear what you want to wear, do you, and most importantly, SLAY! I understand it's difficult to transition from the little style bubble you have been living inside of for a while, to hoping you'll someday be brave enough to wear that outfit you've been dreaming of wearing confidently in front of the world, but girl I just want to say, that day is today. Do not ever let people tell you what you can and can't wear, don't let their bitter comments get to you, because if jean-on-jean, or wearing skirts and dresses when you usually don't is what you want to do, if it will make you happy, and allow you to feel, be, and exude confidence, then that is all that will ever matter. You are your own person and you should never let anyone take away what makes you  feel beautiful and mostly, what makes you, YOU!