6 Studying Tips for Finals Week

Finals are right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but for me, finals season is always very hectic and stressful. But, thanks to these essential tips, my finals season is flowing more smoothly. I hope these tips find you well and give you the best results to ace your finals!


(image via fastweb.com)

  1. Log off all social media. I know, I know. It will be hard to miss the daily latte instagram posts, the latest updates on your favorite couple, and miss out on your crush’s shirtless picture. But, don’t you fret, it will only be a few days of studying before you have all summer to spend hours stalking celebrities and looking through your friend’s 2014  posts.

  2. Ask questions. If you do not understand the material you are going to be tested on ask questions. It can sometimes be intimidating to ask your professor for clarification, but that is why they are there, to teach you a topic they have spent years studying and teaching.

  3. Join a study group. Sometimes working with people is a great tactic to cover a large amount of content. Studying in groups can help you understand easier because you can teach the topic you’re learning to other members, which is a great method for learning and memorizing.

  4. Don’t cram for final exams. Do not leave the studying for the night before the test. Make sure that you start studying a few days, even weeks before a final test. If you know that a test is cumulative, make sure you are understanding all the material for tests prior to the final. It will be impossible to cram in a whole semester of classwork in one night.

  5. Give yourself study breaks. Make sure that you are giving yourself breaks between long study sessions. It is important to give your mind an body a break. Go for a quick workout, clean your room, do a craft, eat a snack, or take a stroll outside. Your health is important during stressful times, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself!

  6. SLEEP. Sleep is essential for a refreshed and prepared mind. Try to avoid pulling all nighters. If you know that you will be staying up late, try to cram in 25 minute naps here and there throughout your day. It is very important for you to get sleep, especially during finals time when your body is going through a great amount of stress.

Good luck on finals week lovelies, now go kill those finals.