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6 Easy Ways to Stay Calm for Finals

Finals week is coming. 

A phrase that every student has come to fear, but for good reason. A dreadful time when coffee and energy drinks become your best friends, there is no such thing as sleep, and you are under so much stress that Dumbledore's beard hair has more color than you do. All that we have studied and worked for comes down to this moment. It's no wonder why people are known to go crazy during this week of non-stop stress. So, in honor for all those that are preparing for the academic battle of the semester (or quarter), these are some simple ways that everybody can find relief to cope through finals.

1. Yoga

Yoga is known for it's meditation practices and if you are not into yoga, just stretching alone will help loosen all those tight nerves that you are working to the bone. This method of relaxing is so easy that you never have to leave your room do it. As long as you take your eyes off of the study guide for at least half an hour, your heart rate will decrease significantly. 


2. animals

There's almost nothing better than an animal making your day. When you are on the verge of freaking out... find an animal. Whether it's a cat, dog, horse, etc. let them take your stress away with their love. Animals will remind you of the little joys of the world and take your mind off of the evil tortures that finals may bring.  


3. Take a nap

Need I say more? Your body needs to take a break. It can't function if your drinking 4 cups of coffee and sleeping only 2 hours a night. So take a nap. Between studying and studying some more, set an alarm and take a half hour break. This is one sure fire way to get rid of that massive headache and it will rejuvinate yourself to feel even better then before. 

4. Listen to music

Whenever it gets to much, plug in your headphones and close out the world. Let the music take hold of your imagination and explore the different worlds that your mind can think of. In your imaginitive world, whether you are a rock star or ruling your own kingdom, finals don't exist. 

5. Doodle

Scribble, doodle, or write, it doesn't matter what you do as long as it works for you. If fusterated, I suggest scribbling it all out. Scibble the crap out of a paper and let your inner child run amuck. Wanting to relax and get your mind off of everything- doodle. It will allow you to open up your mind and fill in the blanks of your mind with creative displays of amazingness. If you can't or don't want to do either and are better at writing then go on a ramble spree in a random page. Sometimes the reason were so stressed is cause were thinking way to much that our brain just can't handle all of it, so let it out. Write about everything and nothing at the same time, all those random or stressed thoughts will be released with the strokes of your pen. Whatever your do, don't think about it, just enjoy it.     

6. read a book

Whether it's a new book, old book, comic book, or two books... just read.  It's honestly just letting your mind get away from all the horror that your facing with your finals and letting it relax in any way it can. From wizarding worlds, land of vampires and werewolf or traveling back in time to elizabethian times, imagining that I'm in another world always helps me forget about the stress of the real world. "A book a day keeps reality away" whoever made that quote must've been taken finals too. 

Like I said before, it doesn't matter what you do just take your mind and eyes off of the tortures of studying and do something/ anything else. Don't completly ignore your responsibilities, but you should take breaks in between subjects and hours. There's a balance that you should keep, otherwise on one side you loose half of the hair on your head or on the other side you fail your test. But don't worry, find what works for you and I'm sure you will rock not only your finals but your life in general. Good luck to all on finals week. Please stay calm, we don't need you to lose your pretty little head on something that only will last less then an hour. 

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