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When I go home for Christmas break, I like to do just what the name of the break says. Enjoy Christmas and take a break.


Going to school from August to December is mentally taxing. Especially, the last couple weeks of school preparing for finals and then taking exams or writing papers. You start to become drained. So, use Christmas break to take a step back from all things school related. Unless, you’re taking intersession classes.


Catch up with your friends that you haven’t seen, have some good, home cooked meals, since you have most likely been stuck to the dining hall. Relax without the looming idea that there are assignments waiting for you. Go out and have fun. Practice self-care. Maybe go back to your old job. Do all the things that you haven’t been able to do while you were at school buried in work. Don’t worry about school. It will still be there in January when you get back with a lot of work.


The one thing that I do like to do when school starts getting close is reflecting on the past semester. Did I get the grades that I wanted? If not, what do I have to do differently to ensure I get that for this semester? Do I need to be more organized? Do I need to stop procrastinating? I look at the things that I can do differently and actively try to make those things happen. That way I can make the second semester much better than my first.


I also start to look at my schedule and the syllabi and insert those assignments into my calendar. Check rate my professor just so I have an idea on what type of teacher I’m getting for that class. Lastly, I enjoy the last couple of weeks or days of freedom before I have to get back to work in the spring.


You mentally prepare by giving your brain a much needed break. That’s the best way to come back to school rejuvenated and ready to tackle on a new semester. 

Tyller Moorer

La Salle '20

Tyller is a graduate student-athlete Communication: Journalism major and English minor from New Jersey. She has a passion for writing and enjoys seeing her writing touch other people.
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