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An Opportunity to Learn from Boss Women in Communication

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Salle chapter.

Entering the workforce as a woman offers a myriad of challenges, expected or unexpected, including being underestimated by superiors and peers. While today there are more opportunities for women to “get a leg up,” steps must still be taken to allow women absolute equality not only once they are in the workplace but when they apply for a job or internship. One such step is taken every year by La Salle’s Association for Women in Communication (AWC) in their annual fall alumni panel. The panel welcomes back several La Salle communication alumni to share their experiences in the workforce and in past internships. By giving students, specifically women, the opportunity to network with professionals such as these alumni, these students are gaining valuable knowledge and tips which have often been reported to aid in the interview process for both full-time jobs and internships. Not only will the alums offer their own advice and general experience, they will also give ample time for student questions. This year, the theme of the event is “Gaining the (Networking) Edge.” Represented at the event will be a number of La Salle alumni who are currently employed by the Eagles, QVC, and many more.

Note: For more information, AWC will be holding another meeting to discuss plan for this event on October 9, and the event itself will take place on October 23 for all students.

Karen Kerwick

La Salle '21

Hi, my name is Karen and I am a Public Relations and Communication and Social Interaction major at La Salle University. I am an active member of La Salle's theatre group, the Association for Women in Communication, ACEs (tour guides), and many more organizations. I love reading, Netflix, and dogs, and I hope that through Her Campus I will be able to help at least one person.