La Salle Homecoming 2018

Homecoming for colleges and high schools across America happens when the football team has their last home game, and the entire school comes together to celebrate their school spirit.

But what happens when your school doesn’t have a football team?

La Salle found a loophole and decided to celebrate their basketball teams first home game instead. Just like any other school, students, alumni and families gather at the school and in nearby areas to throw down before and after the game.

This basketball game has, by far, the BIGGEST turnout over most other school events. The student section of the bleachers is filled to the very top with people decked out in blue and gold, screaming for their home team. We’re crammed in with our class mates and friends, talking to people we’ve never met, and connecting as a community.

It gets to be such a good time, by the time the game starts, we don’t care if our guys win or lose (even though it’d be nice if we won one), we’re just happy to be part of such an exciting and intense atmosphere.

School spirit is never as high as it is during homecoming, and dressing in La Salle’s best makes for a great photo op. Look at how happy our students are to be Explorers!