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Food Court Addition is a Win(g)

We all know dining hall food is average at best on a good day and searching for a satisfying meal is often quite frustrating. Well, the Union Food Court at La Salle has stepped up their food game and now offers delicious wings.

West Olney Wings (W.O.W.) has taken the place of the Mediterranean stand which used to sit next to Oath Pizza. W.O.W. has two options for wing servings: 6 or 12 pieces. Usually, an extra wing or two will be thrown in, making the prices even more fantastic. Six wings costs about $5, and a dozen costs $7.79! Along with these great prices, there are several sauce options including garlic parmesan, Korean barbeque, and always a classic buffalo.

For Super Bowl LIII, W.O.W. offered 50 wings for $32 and 70 wings for $45, even allowing students to use SFA. Sophomore Beth Schmidt is one of many students who has given W.O.W. a chance and says it “is a welcome change to the food options in the Union…I love going to the Union for wings because there are so many flavors to choose from, and it’s very inexpensive.” With the start of the new semester refreshing your SFA, why not go try a new lunch location?

Karen Kerwick

La Salle '21

Hi, my name is Karen and I am a Public Relations and Communication and Social Interaction major at La Salle University. I am an active member of La Salle's theatre group, the Association for Women in Communication, ACEs (tour guides), and many more organizations. I love reading, Netflix, and dogs, and I hope that through Her Campus I will be able to help at least one person.
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