Finding my "NO"

I am a mother, student, and employee! These are just three of the hats I wear, which doesn't include other responsibilities I am involved in. I also try to maintain an active life; I have duties at my church, and I can't forget to add family responsibilities to this list. As a result, I am often struggling with finding my balance because my "no's" turn into "yes." 


My mother often reminds me "child you're not superwoman, you have to take it easy," which my usual response is "mom, I'll be okay." Although deep down inside, I know she's right, and I need to slow down. But how do you choose, or at what point do you start cutting back? You see, my problem is not saying "no"; in actuality, my issue is letting go of the guilt I feel when I say "no."


Undoubtedly, I understand the value in this two-letter word, "no." I realize saying "no," is healthy, but when the guilt creeps in, then "no" becomes difficult, and "yes" often becomes the replacement. Therefore, the outcome is a full agenda, which means I end up gasping for air. 


While I am finally catching my breath, I think of the ways this two-letter word "no" would have helped. But then these nagging thoughts that remind me why I shouldn't say "no," replays over and over again. Therefore, the cycle of turning my "no's" into "yes" continues. 


However, I'm today I'm going to try to make this quote my mantra in hopes that one day I can find my balance. "It’s only by saying NO that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.” – Steve Jobs