The Bond of Sisterhood

I remember back when I was first starting out college and I came in with big expectations that I was going to make so many friends and go out to events. I was going to live my best years like I was in a movie. Two weeks in, and I realized none of that was really happening for me. I was so miserable throughout my freshman year because of how difficult I found it to make friends and build relationships with anyone. I was constantly feeling so alone and depressed that at night I would walk around the campus by myself and find a good place to just sit and cry. I was really beginning to hate my whole college experience and wanted to transfer to a different school.

The lack of companionship made terrible thoughts and anxieties run through my mind but despite it, I decided to stay and continue out my academic career here.

Now, in my sophomore year I tried to put myself out there more and sign up for clubs and participate in club activities and meetings. Yet, I still felt like I lacked in being able to develop those friendships I truly desired. The people I interacted with most were my two roommates, but I still wanted more connections.

Spring semester rolls around, and it turns out it’s recruitment week to try your luck at joining a sorority. I’ve never saw myself as a sorority type of girl and I also had preconceived notions about the whole ordeal due to movies and media. I was hesitant at first, but I logged on to the official website and decided to put my name down. I went in to recruitment week knowing next to nothing about any of the organizations up on the panel. I’ve got to have brief and general conversations with all of them and got to make my selection on which one suited me the most. The second day of recruitment comes around and to my slight shook I’ve gotten dropped by all organizations expect for one, Phi Mu. I must admit I was a little bit embarrassed having to see that. Despite it all, I carried out the rest of the week, and got up to one of the last major nights.

It was Preference Night where sororities tell you why they want you to be a part of their organization. I’ve only had one to attend but that night has become so special to me. The room was dimly lit and as each girl walked in the were given a type of flower. The flower that was given to you represented the qualities that they saw in you and how they believe you could help their organization grow. I was giving a sunflower which represented optimism and innovation for new ideas. The fact that they even did this at all nearly brought me to tears because it showed that they really listened to what I had to say and took note of me as a person. Instantly I felt such a sudden connection to Phi Mu, the kind of connection I had been longing for since the beginning of my college career. Now, not only do I have a reliable group of friends, but sisters and a new place to call my home.

If anyone is feeling any type of way that I was in the beginning of this article, I highly recommend going through recruitment/rush week. Even if you don’t think Greek life is for you there is truly nothing to lose to just tryout.

Now that I have accepted Phi Mu into my life I know now that I will never have to feel as miserable as I did freshman year because  now I have a support system; I have sisters.