Amazing and New Healthy Options to Try in the Student Union

 If you’re having an especially busy day or just feel like changing it up a little, the food options in the Union are always a good choice. Even better, La Salle has introduced brand new options this year. Take a break from the usual dining hall or the bag of chips you grabbed on the way to class and enjoy a healthier meal from Wicked Eats, an exclusive collaboration between Aramark Food Service and Cat Cora. Cat Cora, according to her website, is a celebrity chef and restauranteur and became the first female Iron Chef on Iron Chef: America. She has since gone on to be the Executive Chef for Bon Appetitand host several food and cooking shows. She owns several restaurants of different styles and menus, and Wicked Eats is one of her newest. It emphasizes the convenience and quick service of street food, while offering a healthier alternative to a burger or a slice of pizza.

 The influences are Mediterranean, and the menu is full of salad, couscous bowls, and pita wraps. When I visited I had the Moroccan Bowl, a couscous-based dish topped with veggies and shawarma beef. It was flavorful, healthy and fresh, and the portions are huge and filling. Sophomore Olivia Johnson got the Pita Wrap—shawarma beef with veggies, French fries, and tzatziki. She couldn’t even finish the whole thing, but she agreed that it is a better option health-wise than some of the other places in the Union, and just as delicious. For a quick lunch that you can feel good about, or a break from Blue and Gold’s pizza, stop by Wicked Eats and check out all the new food the Union has to offer this year.