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5 ways to implement some self-care every week

As 2020 has come full speed into our lives, let’s make this year about ourselves. (Especially while practicing social distancing!)


Have a planner

As cliché, as it sounds having a planner, will make your life 10x easier. The hardest part of college is balancing the school life ratio. Having a planner will not only help improve your grades but eliminate some additional stress, that comes along with a full course load. It also makes the rest of the tips much more attainable. So, grab your planner and your favorite sharpie pen and schedule in some self-care.

Schedule in a 30 min workout 3x a week

If you’re like me, and the gym is not your second home, try to set a time limit of 30 mins. This can not only keep you feeling good about yourself but healthy. Yoga, a job, or bodyweight exercises get the job done1

Get off your social media

As unbelievable as it may seem, twitter will be there when your hour break is up. Social media is draining and takes a lot from you. During this time take the hour and spend some time alone doing yoga or relaxing while watching a show.

Schedule a weekly lunch date with friends

Whether you meal prep or eat pizza, having some designated time with your friends can be very refreshing. We can do this over facetime for safety.

On Wednesday’s we dress up!

Now for many people, college is a cozy environment when sweatpants and stained shirts are acceptable. But choose one day and dress up! Find your sexiest outfit and curl your hair and kill the game, baby girl!

And if you are feeling like you need an extra dose of self-care…

Schedule in an hour-long humble cry

As odd as that might seem, allowing yourself to process your frustrations and leaving time to cry or scream can actually help target your frustration and can actually be very therapeutic.

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La Salle '21

Young Latina from NYC currently living in Philadelphia for college and am on the path to become a lawyer . Hoping to sprinkle some fluidness onto everyone.
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