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The X-Files Reboot to Premiere Jan. 3

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

At the beginning of the semester, I made a short list of some of my favorite shows that were returning for new seasons this school year. Although each of these shows has their own place in my heart, the show I was perhaps the most excited for is The X-Files, and earlier this month, FOX announced that The X-Files season 11 will officially be premiering on January 3, 2018.

In October, a new trailer was released at New York Comic-Con that contains two minutes of fast-paced, action-packed snippets of the latest season. Old characters surprisingly return, including Mulder and Scully’s son, William, who has not made an appearance since he was a baby in season 9. New characters are revealed in only glimpses in the trailer, adding to the suspense of the upcoming release.

For the dedicated fans, this season very well may be the long awaited return of Mulder and Scully’s romantic relationship, according to creator Chris Carter. After diving into the complications of their work relationship in season 10, Carter was eager to return to the more in depth storyline between these beloved characters that fans have been asking for. 

Fans will get the typical dose of monster-of-the-week episodes this season in eight out of the ten episodes. In addition, season 11 will revisit much of the ambiguous backstories that were threaded throughout the previous 10 seasons (and the two movies) and will tie up a lot of loose ends in regards to the Cigarette Smoking Man and his connection with Mulder’s family history.

Old alliances will be questioned and new ones will be formed. The action just never ceases with Mulder and Scully. They are as determined as ever to find the truth, and as the new promo tells us, “The truth is closer than ever.” 


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