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Our names were written in the stone 

of an eternal life 

that could never be undone,

and could never be forgotten. 

An old legend of knights and witches 

trying to discover a secret for 

eternal youth and unrelenting power. 


I wanted to find it to save us,

while you wanted to find it 

to save yourself. 


I’ll never forget the look in your eyes 

when I had betrayed you so suddenly. 

Depression consumed you,

just wanting to feel something, 

anything other than the hurt

I brought upon you.  


Frozen in time, 

trying to forget the past 

and all the mistakes we made 

before we met. 

Before we fell in love. 


But I couldn’t forget you 

as quickly as you forgot me.

Holding the silver sword in one hand, 

I opened the other, 

ready to lead you back to yourself. 


No matter how long it takes, 

how many decades pass, 

how many souls are lost, 

I will wait for you. 

And we will fall in love again.


Just as destiny intended it. 

Jessica Garrison is a professional writing major and women's, gender, and sexuality studies minor at Kutztown University.
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