Why I Want to Become a Teacher

As my student teaching is coming to an end, I reflect on all of my experiences that I have had. Today, one of my students asked me, "Why do you want to be a teacher?" It was a hard question to answer, because I have lots of reasons. 

Here are my top five reasons for becoming a teacher:

1) I love my content area. 

I am very passionate about English. I love to read and write and I actually enjoy studying grammar. I love being able to share that knowledge with my students (and attempt to get them as excited about English as I am). 

2) I love being in a classroom.

I love walking in and analyzing classrooms. I study the posters on the walls, take in the intricately decorated bulletin boards, and just breathe in the colorful atmosphere. I love organizing and decorating, and cannot wait to have a classroom of my own.

3) It is rewarding to see my hard work paying off. 

All of the blood, sweat, and tears I poured into that one lesson plan paid off. My students not only comprehended what I taught them, but they applied the material AND continue to bring it up in later classes? Warms my heart. 

4) There is never a dull moment. 


Each day is different. I am not working some boring, repetitive 9-5 desk job. Rather, I am teaching something different everyday. (If you are bored as teacher, you're doing it wrong).

5) Finally, I want to make a difference. 

The main reason I want to be a teacher is so I can be unlike the (bad) teachers I have had. I've had some wonderful teachers, but I want to be my own teacher and be the best one I can be at that. School is sometimes a get away for some students, and I would hope I can be a positive impact on their day. I want to get students excited about learning. I want students to not dread coming to my class. I want to give them hope for the future. 

And that, is why I want to become a teacher.