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Smiling Through the Stress

It’s getting to be that point of the semester where life is getting harder, homework is growing, finals are fast approaching, future hunting, and for some (me) graduation is just about 5 weeks away. All these things are daunting and for some (me) really scary.

I have been super stressed about this all; I think about the long ‘To Do’ list that needs to get done and sometimes it can be hard to remember to smile. 

Something I have found comforting with all this stress are the people who are stressed with me. We talk about the stress like it's a bad boyfriend. We complain about it all the time. It's hard to see the fun in it all, but I what I learned over the years is that smiling through the pain is sometime the only way to feel better.

When my friends and I talk about what is stressing us out we end up laughing about how much there is to get done. We laugh at the fact that out lives are so busy. We laugh at the fact that we are broke. Even when everything is looking down we laugh because we have each other. 

Even when and if something is stressful in your life there is always something to smile at. It's the little things that can make your day, such as a warm shower, clean laundry, a sunny day, a warm sunny day, a Friday, or even as simple as actually getting to bed at a reasonable hour. 

Being happy is one thing, but finding something to smile at will make you feel better. Happiness is something that takes times and is a hefty thing to feel the need to feel. However smiling can give you that piece of sanity even when you feel that has left the building. 

Look for something to smile at, even if it's small. Stress will always be in our life's, and it is good if we figure how to mange it. Once you start smiling all the time and finding comfort and happiness in the little things, you'll learn to appreciate it more, ultimately learning how to manage your stress one step at a time.

My name is Kaylee Spector and I'm a senior at Kutztown University. I have a passion for reading and writing. As a writer for HerCampus I am able to be a part of keeping up with the current affairs of a college woman. I love traveling, eating and talking most of which I will be writing about. I am a Communications major with a minor in writing, pr, and digital media. All of which I find will help me with my content.
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