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I know that with the stress of school, clubs, and sports, worrying about and taking care of yourself can sometimes be forgotten. This is a list of a few tips on how to get your self care started!! 

  1. Facial Care 

Try doing a face mask at least 3 times a week. Whether you get a mask for acne or for glow, you will be amazed by how much a face mask can do for you!!

  1. Body Scrub

I highly recommend tree hut body scrub for the shower. Body scrub is especially good for exfoliating and getting rid of any dead skin. This will help with making your body smoother and skin healthier.

  1. Hair Mask

Any hair mask you can find in a store is amazing!! After you condition your hair you put the hair mask on and just let it sit for 5 minutes, after you wash it out you’ll be amazed by how soft your hair feels and how healthy it looks!

  1. Painted Nails

Always try and have your nails be groomed, cut, and polished. Having clean nails is not only good hygiene but helps to make you look cleaner and more put together as a person.

  1. Perfume

For a finishing touch, make sure to always wear deodorant and some perfume!! The better you smell, I promise the better you’ll feel!

These are just a few tips on self care, but there are way more than these!! Self care is all about taking care of yourself and making you feel good!! So take a nice long shower, put on a facemask and watch your favorite movie!

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