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Rest in power and grip

peace as you go. An easy journey,

no, but a longing hold upon one’s life.


I can live because of your struggle

and tiring wash, rinse, repeat, and

repeat, and



I can sigh in relief, a constant

relief, that I can know my own

grace, dignity, and mind. There’ll be less

fear to live in.


But as I watch the world burn,

golden ashes raining upon your padded wooden

prison, surrounded by generations

crying in capes

under a solemn blanket of unsettled rage,

I feel your demand upon us.


So Rest in Power and grip

peace as you go. The fight is

ours, your grit within us.

Grace Heinlein

Kutztown '23

A music major writes for a blog. That's the joke. You get it?
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