Our Food is Killing Us: Make The Plant Based Diet Change

Since working at the literary agency for a little over a month now, I have a good sense of the types of books we are interested in selling. Health Books. Yes, we sell other books too, but this category seems to be our biggest cliental. I’ve never really been interested in health books, but then again, I’ve never actually read one. As the amazing woman she is, my boss will give me books that the agency sells since we have copies of each. To me, free books are everything. So of course, I want to take them, especially once my co-workers tell me what these books contain.

I started the first one just the other night. A book called The New Health Rules by Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro. Although I only started this book, it has already made a significant change in the way I think about the foods I eat on a daily basis. Fortunately, I am already a vegetarian, so I have that but then I run into the issue of processed foods.

I try my best to eat organic and non-GMO foods, but then I look on my food shelf and I begin to worry. As I go through these snacks, I am thankful most of them have the non-GMO label on them.

But I want to do more.

I want to be the healthiest I possibly can.

My roommate introduced a documentary to me called, What the Health. Again, this was also life changing. After watching the documentary, all I can do is thank the higher spirits that I don’t eat meat.

Although I don’t eat meat, yogurt is a favorite of mine, so I am eating dairy. I can say now though, after watching What the Health, I will no longer be consuming dairy. The documentary linked dairy, especially yogurt, to breast cancer, which is already a trait in my family that I need to be aware of.

All the information this documentary provided was mind blowing. Everything in America revolves around money (but I guess we all could have assumed that anyway).

I can say I am a better educated consumer because of these resources that have been given to me. I plan to spread this information and these resources with friends, family, and all the readers because our health is essential. Meat and animal products our killing our bodies, yet we believe we need meat to survive. FALSE. Plant based diets have reversed diabetes and some cancers, studies have shown.

I suggest everyone watch this documentary, What the Health, which can be found on Netflix, and listen very carefully to the experts on this meat diet we think we need to live off of.

I leave you with this. Educate yourselves. Do all the research, reading, and documentary watching possible because we only have one life and it’s important to life it to the fullest, which can only be achieved by caring for ourselves.