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The Most Important Part of your Body is…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kutztown chapter.

It’s body positivity week and while we are all appreciating our bodies, I ask that we not forget the most important parts of bodies which are…


Aside from the fact that we literally wouldn’t be functioning humans without our brains, they’re the most important part of our bodies for many reasons. They house our inner thoughts, personalities, imaginations, memories, emotions, ideas, goals, and dreams. We need to focus on them! What’s in your brain is exactly what makes you, you. Your body is simply a house for all the wonderful things inside your brain.

It’s a filing cabinet for all the things you know. That college education you worked your tail off for 4 years? It’s in there. That time your grandma taught you how to make her famous chocolate chip cookies? It’s in there. Every fact about cats known to human kind? Oh, it’s in there. It’s a place for new ideas to grow and manifest. Anything in the world that was ever invented or made or written started with an idea in someone’s head. The ability to create ideas into reality is the most beautiful thing a brain can do.

While you might have really strong arms and a killer butt, the important thing is how you treat people! Your kindness comes from your brain. So does your sense of humor, drive to succeed, and truthfulness. Another thing your brain is good for is your talents. If you can write really well, sing, dance, play a sport, smoke everyone in chess, or paint beautiful art you may thank your humble brain for that!

Your dreams exist in your brain. Maybe one day you want to end world hunger, adopt a ton of dogs, or be the first female president. Whatever your dream is, you can make your dreams a reality by using your brain. Everything you feel is also a product of your good friend, brain. Emotions suck sometimes but without them we wouldn’t be human. You can laugh, cry, feel joy, or pain because of your brain and it’s all part of the human experience.

While feeling good on the outside is important, we must not forget about our brains and how much they do for us. Body positivity starts from your mental state and a healthy brain means healthy body image. Love yourself, your body, and your brain!

21 years old, always lost, but finding meaning in life in the little things. Give me a crappy cup of coffee, a laugh and a smile and we'll be friends. Love yourself.