Looking Back to Move Ahead

I feel like I’ve already graduated because I have moved into the “real world” already. The thing people call, "adulting." I have a new job that I started full-time and moved into an apartment. Although life was a little hectic for a while, things are starting to settle down and I couldn’t be happier. The apartment I moved into is a beautiful little place and everything I could have asked for. Although moving in was crazy and the couch didn’t fit, it’s something we can now look back at and laugh about, but then we have to remember we have to get it out eventually. While all of these big things are falling into place, small things come up along the way that mean so much.

We got tickets to go to a Phillies baseball game which was amazing. The weather has been perfect and sitting in the stadium seats wearing our Phillies gear was a memorable time. With so much changing and everything happening at once, it’s sometimes hard to sit back and realize how you got there. In these small moments, I am grateful for all I have. A loving family who has supported me through everything, a wonderful boyfriend who has shown me what love is, and a playful little pup who’s growing so fast.

Though this is just the beginning of forever, I have to say it’s a damn good start. I couldn’t ask for anything more. We are settling into our apartment, starting new jobs, and starting our life after college. And to think that I didn’t even walk across the stage yet to receive my diploma, this is something I should be proud of. Not many people can say that they have a full-time job and are living on their own while still in college.

Though this is soon going to be the past, it’s important to remember all the years that you are now putting behind you. With each new chapter of life, we must look back to what made us who we are right now. College was an overall learning experience for me, but I am happy to be done with my education for now.