It Was All a Dream

Struck my soul at a quarter of twelve.


The sun won’t be up for hours.

We can escape this wasteland of worry and

wander through a carnival of dreams

where no nightmares are allowed

to trespass into our thoughts.


Not with the cotton candy 

smells whirling through the air. 

Pink and blue,

rose and violet

drifting through the warm atmosphere.

It’s time to paint the night sky

from coal black to a delicious rainbow.


Struck my soul at a quarter past twelve.


I think it might be time to say good night.

Time to wake up from the faded haze hallucination,

and return to a concrete world of monotony

where fantasy only runs

through the colorless clouds.  



Walk me to the edge of the grass,

while holding my hand steady. 

I’ll gently drift over the edge and

send a kiss from the distance.

But we won’t be sad, or hurt, or curious


Because I’ll be seeing you.