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What kind of space am I referring to? I’m talking about the space in your bedroom. Your room is one room, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be one space. Separate spaces throughout the room will allow you to compartmentalize parts of your life when you need to. Here are a few spaces that I think should be in any bedroom.

Sleep Space

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: you shouldn’t do anything but sleep in your bed. And honestly, I didn’t buy that it made such a difference. Back in high school, I’d always done homework on my bed or on my floor, but it wasn’t until I stopped those habits that I recognized the difference in my sleep patterns. It took far less time for me to fall asleep, and I spent way less time tossing and turning or trying to find a comfortable position. I’m not saying it’ll get rid of all your sleepless nights, but it has certainly lessened mine.

Work Space

This one is very connected to the Sleep Space. In order to have a proper sleep space, you need somewhere designated to work. This can take place in many forms. Last semester, when the shift online was a lot more unexpected, I finished out the semester working on a laundry basket. I know it wasn’t ideal, but it was a space that I could designate to working and concentrating on my school work. Luckily, this semester I was able to upgrade to an actual desk, which made further separating my work space and my relaxation space very beneficial. Plus, the extra desk space allowed for some very cute decorations like a light board and a plant in a pineapple pot.

Prep Space

This one isn’t as talked about. Work space and relaxation/sleep space are important distinctions to make, but I find that a space for me to get ready or to keep things organized is very helpful for the overall state of my being. I’m lucky enough to live in the attic of my house, so I have a bit more space, but something I always make an effort to have, no matter where I am, is somewhere distinct to get ready in the morning. Whether you have an entire walk in closet, or you have a small corner with a mirror in it, I think it lets you get ready for the day without any distraction or worry. I also found that it stops me from dumping clothes on the chair conveniently placed in the corner of my room.

These are three spaces in a room that I think are pretty important to live my life to its fullest. You could even make spaces to fit your interests, like a craft or music space, or even make space for a little dance floor. It’s important to have spaces you can love for different reasons.

Grace Heinlein

Kutztown '23

A music major writes for a blog. That's the joke. You get it?
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